Best Practice Network has teamed up with the National Learning Trust (NLT) to launch a series of video-based CPD that brings education thought leaders to you for use in staff CPD. Each one consists of 75 minutes of video training material split into five sessions, with full facilitator notes so you can easily run it as an INSET or series of twilight sessions.


We want your views on school leadership challenges today. If you are a Head or Executive Head please complete our survey and win a package of CPD for your school(s).


Maggie Farrar, a former senior director at the National College for School Leadership, talks to Liam Donnison about the ingredients required to make a successful school partnership.

Read the full article on the SecEd website.



Best Practice Network’s managing director Liam Donnison discusses the legacy of NCTL and the importance of school leadership with Roger Pope.


Dr Andy Hodgkinson, Chair of the East Cheshire Association of Primary Headteachers, talks to Liam Donnison about the importance of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children while they are still in primary school.

Read the full article on the Headteacher Update website.



David Weston tells Best Practice Network’s managing director Liam Donnison why his own experiences of poor CPD and support drove him to set up a campaigning charity.


Are you thinking about kick-starting an exciting new career in Early Years teaching? Come and meet us at the Train to Teach Roadshow at the Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel on 28 February 2018 between 4.30 – 8pm. If you have a degree and are interested in beginning Initial Teacher Training in September 2018 then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn all you need to know about teacher training and how to apply.


As we reported in October, teachers and leaders in government designated ‘opportunity areas’ could have the full costs of their national leadership qualifications paid for, but it's first come first served, so don't delay!



Liam Donnison speaks to London headteacher George McMillan about his approach to behaviour policy.

In 2011, an Ofsted Inspector described the behaviour at Eltham Green as ‘feral’ and the school made front page news when the police fired tear gas at the students who were rioting on the London Ring Road. Within a term, behaviour was transformed. By 2014, behaviour was graded as Outstanding. By 2016, the school was awarded ‘World Class’ status. What’s the secret? There is no secret… 

Read the full article on the SecEd website.


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