NPQSL - Distance delivery month 3

  May 17 2019 Sarah Jane Sener

Sarah completes the first online module and begins preparations for her school improvement project

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NPQH - Approaching the end of the first online module

  May 10 2019 Amie Norris

Reflections on time management after the first online course.

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NPQML Day One - The First Face-to-Face Event

  May 08 2019 Holly Johnson

The first face-to-face event

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NPQML - Training Event 1 - First Face-to-Face

  May 08 2019 Sarah Cook

The first of three NPQML face-to-face events

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NPQSL - Distance delivery month 2

  April 02 2019 Sarah Jane Sener

The second month of NPQSL - from self doubt to shiny light bulb moments!

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NPQML - 360 Diagnostic

  April 02 2019 Sarah Cook

Completing the 360 diagnostic as part of NPQML

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NPQH - First face-to-face session!

  April 01 2019 Amie Norris

The first face-to-face session for NPQH

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NPQEL - First face-to-face day

  April 01 2019 Marie Sweetlove

The first NPQEL face to face day

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