EYITT Route Summary - Assessment Only

The following summary sets out what you can expect from the Assessment Only Route to Early Years Teacher Status The information provided below is not intended to be exhaustive but gives you an outline of what you can expect and what will be expected of you and your employer


  • Course duration is 3 months


  • You will work towards compiling evidence for assessment for Early Years Teacher Status whilst being employed in an early years setting/school
  • This route is for very experienced graduate practitioners who have substantial experience across the birth to five age range
  • Your employer must be in full support of your application and confirm that you are sufficiently experienced to meet the Teachers’ Standards
  • (Early Years) across the birth to five age range with no further training. The employer must agree to contribute to your assessment for Early Years Teacher Status


  • This is not a training programme but ‘assessment only’
  • You are expected to be operating at the level of the Teachers’ Standards (Early Years) across the birth to five age range from the beginning of the three month programme
  • You will be provided with guidance on how to put together and present your evidence for assessment and a tutor to support you

Experience needed by the time of assessment for Early Years Teacher Status

  • At least three to five years’ experience of leading education and care and teaching in early years across the birth to five age range
  • From at least two settings/schools across the birth to five age range
  • Feedback on your assessed practice i.e. to demonstrate the quality of your work at both settings/schools
  • Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds - could be gained between acceptance onto the programme and programme start date (guidance provided)


  • Full guidance on what you need to do
  • A personal tutor to provide email and telephone support
  • Observation of your practice
  • Support from your employer/setting
  • A virtual learning environment - e-learning modules, a resource bank and forums


  • Needs analysis and action plan
  • An eportfolio that you build up gradually
  • Evidence bundles - a powerful source of evidence to demonstrate the impact that you have on a child’s learning over a period of time
  • Formative assessment from the setting/school and your personal tutor
  • Assignments - built up during the programme to demonstrate the Teachers’ Standards (Early Years)
  • Observation records - from the settings/schools and personal tutor
  • Moderation of assessment judgements
  • A setting visit by an assessor to observe you teaching, interview you and interview a manager


  • This route is not funded by NCTL - fees are payable by individuals/employers
  • Fee £1,950 - to cover preparation, support, assessment and moderation
  • First instalment of £350 due before observation visit and agreement of start date onto programme
  • Balance due prior to start of 3 month programme