Foundations of Outstanding Practice

Our Foundations of Outstanding Practice programmes are ideal for TAs wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of key principles of effective teaching and learning, helping them to identify and build upon the foundations of outstanding practice. Delivered either as short or more indepth courses, they provide excellent CPD for TAs working at Level 2 or Level 3 including those aspiring to higher level teaching assistant status.


Who is this for?

Foundations of Outstanding Practice is for teaching assistants who support teaching and learning in the classroom. Whilst ideal for support staff working at Level 3 or towards HLTA Status, the programme is very much open to those working at Level 2.

The programme is best delivered in collaborative groups of 8-20 people either from a single school or from school networks/partnerships looking for training for a group of TAs made up from their member schools. We ask that a single registration is made for each group.

What are the benefits?

Participants will complete the programme with a good understanding of:

  • Barriers to learning and how to unlock potential
  • Key principles of teaching and learning
  • Professional standards for TAs and how these can be met
  • Their own strengths and areas for development, recorded within a professional development folder and resulting in an action plan for future development

How is it delivered?

There is a strong emphasis on understanding potential and how this can be unlocked for both the children they work with and for the practitioners themselves.

Professional standards are used throughout as a reference point for good practice. Common barriers to learning are explored with ideas shared on how to approach these to help children reach their potential. Strategies to support excellent outcomes are discussed with planned opportunities to put knowledge into practice between training sessions. Opportunities exist for TAs from different schools or phases to network and share best practice and ideas to maximise impact in the classroom.

The programme helps to identify what outstanding practice looks like in the classroom and aims to develop, among other things, skills in effective:

  • communication
  • assessment and questioning techniques
  • behaviour management
  • personalised provision
  • support for children with SEND


Please contact our application team for details of programmes running near you. Alternatively please consider whether there is sufficient interest from 8 or more teaching assistants within your school network.

What does it cost?

The cost of the Foundations of Outstanding Practice programme will depend on whether you choose the short course or the full course.


Group size

Cost per group

3 x half day (09:00-12:15)

8-20 participants

£1,950 +VAT

3 x whole day (09:00-3:15)

8-20 participants

£2,500 +VAT

How to apply

Please use the link below to register your group and to tell us more about your requirements. Alternatively please contact us if you have any queries or if you are an individual hoping to register for the programme

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