Our policies

Best Practice Network is committed to ensuring that its practices are fair and transparent, conducted according to agreed policies and procedures. Best Practice Network has adopted the following appeals and complaints policy. No applicant or candidate shall be prejudiced or disadvantaged by using this policy.

Written complaints are initially escalated to the first level of line management above the staff member who originally dealt with the issue, with a further right of appeal to management at the next level should the complainant still feel that their problem has not been dealt with satisfactorily.

We aim to acknowledge complaints within three working days, and to investigate and take any necessary action to resolve the situation within 20 working days.

Best Practice Network provides professional development programmes for staff working in the education sector in partnership with Schools, Early Years providers, Universities and Colleges. This privacy notice explains how we use any personal data we collect about you, the choices you have about what marketing you want us to send you, and your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

This information is summarised and stored in a non-personally identifiable form on our web server and may be kept indefinitely. We use this information to monitor the traffic through our web site, the number of pages served, and the level of demand for pages and topics of interest. The aggregated reports are reviewed regularly and form the basis of any improvements that may be made to the web site.