How is the programme delivered?

This programme focuses on the holistic development of the appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours, designed in partnership with cross-sector industries, to ensure bespoke coverage of all the relevant requirements of leading and managing at a senior/headship level at your school or trust.

Engaging with a programme is both a challenging and rewarding commitment that will fully prepare you for the demands and rewards of headship. The image below outlines the components of the programme with the NPQ elements in blue and the apprenticeship elements in pink.


How is NPQH delivered?

NPQH makes use of a blended delivery model consisting of face-to-face events, online study, webinars and coaching.



NPQH participants will attend 5 face-to-face events via the blended delivery model. Our nationwide delivery partnership network allows us to bring face-to-face training to a training centre in your region and facilitated by experienced school leaders and facilitators.

Online Learning

Participants access online learning and support via our virtual learning environment (VLE) Canvas. Through Canvas, participants are able to engage with their learning communities of peers and access multimedia content. They can also access research and expert-led school practice aligned to the curriculum content for the qualification and receive high-quality feedback from experienced performance coaches.


Why should I undertake the dual award?

NPQH Programme Benefits


To view the total learning hours of the Headteacher Programme with NPQH compared to the standalone NPQH, please view the image below:

Headteacher Programme with NPQH Learning Hours Chart

  • Applicants must be in a current headteacher, deputy headteacher, vice principal or equivalent role and about 18 months away from applying for Headship (if not already in post).
  • All applicants must have either QTS, QTLS, a Level 5 (or higher) qualification (any subject), or an international equivalent (see below). You must be able to evidence this with a copy of your certificate.
  • For those with QTS, you can download a copy of your certificate here
  • For those with QTLS, you can download a copy of your certificate here If for any reason you are unable to provide a copy of your certificate, you will need to ask a representative from the school where you are teaching to contact Capita Teachers' Pensions. Your employer should know how to do this via the Capita employer portal
  • If do not have QTS or QTLS, you will need evidence completion of a Level 5 qualification (any subject). For International applicants, you will need to apply for a UK ENIC Statement of Comparability to demonstrate your Level 5 qualification is comparable to UK qualifications.

How do I access the funding?

You can access funding for the Headteacher Programme with NPQH from your school’s Apprenticeship Levy. Schools will be able to access the funding through their apprenticeship service (AS) account.

If your school needs help setting up your AS account, just let us know and we’ll guide you through it.

The Headteacher Programme with NPQH costs £14,000 from Apprenticeship Levy funds or co-investment for non-levy payers where the government pays 95% (the NPQH standalone cost is £1980).

The level of funding depends on each candidate’s learning needs, with a maximum allocation of £14,000 to cover the cost of the apprenticeship.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The levy is paid by large employers with a wage bill of over £3 million. These employers pay 0.5% of their total annual pay bill into the levy. Most state-maintained schools and multi-academy trusts pay into the levy.

The levy is designed to create long term sustainable funding for apprenticeships and to give employers more control to provide their staff with a range of training opportunities.

Apprenticeship funded training is designed for both new and existing staff members.

If your school is not a levy payer or has exhausted its levy funds, the government will pay 95% of tuition fees with your school paying the remaining 5%. Please contact us if you would like more information.

On 8th December, 2021, our NPQ and Apprenticeships teams delivered a webinar consisting of a 30 minute presentation about the Leaders Apprenticeships followed by a Q&A session.

The presentation covered all aspects of a Leaders Apprenticeship including a look at the programme delivery structure, the role of the Apprenticeship Tutor and how to go about accessing Apprenticeship Levy funding. Please find a recording of the webinar below. The slides used during the presentation can be downloaded here.

Our Headteacher Programme with NPQH Level 7 includes the National Professional Qualification for Headship NPQH. For more information about NPQH click here.

Best Practice Network is one of the leading providers of NPQH nationally and the quality of our provision is rated ‘Exceptional’ by the DfE’s external quality assurance agent.

You can view our performance against the national metrics here.

How to apply

We are now accepting applications for our Headteacher Programme with NPQH Spring 2024 Intake. Click below to apply.

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