INSET day workshops for classroom based support staff

Support staff play a vital role in supporting teaching and learning in schools. Our INSET workshops are tailor made for you or your network. We focus on teaching and learning strategies and helping your classroom based support staff to develop professional attributes and to stand out as someone who does their job exceptionally well.


Who is this for?

This INSET training is ideal for Teaching Assistants and HLTAs who play a vital role in supporting teaching and learning in schools, where high quality intervention can have a great impact upon the achievements and well-being of pupils.

What are the benefits?

The workshops will help participants to:

  • develop knowledge, skills and understanding
  • review and develop engagement with proven principles of learning and teaching
  • share best practice with other support staff professionals
  • become part of a network

How is it delivered?

The half day or whole day INSET engages support staff to reflect on and learn about what they need. Themes include:

  • Professional Attributes
  • Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Personalising Provision
  • Planning and Expectations
  • Effective questioning
  • Teaching and Learning

The sessions can be tailored to take into account the school context and levels of qualifications and status held by participants.

What does it cost?

The cost to schools of a 3 hour INSET session is £625+VAT. A 5 hour INSET session costs £750+VAT.

How to apply

Please use the contact link above to tell us more about your requirements.

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