Our series of free webinars are suitable for all, in particular, those working in education who wish to learn from serving school leaders and our own NPQ candidates.

Hosted by successful and innovative headteachers on a range of topics and phases,  webinars are usually an hour long and involve an information session on a topic that will provide usable methods for school improvement followed by a Q&A session by the host.

Benefit from the experience of successful school leaders in our free, hour-long webinars and take the opportunity to ask questions and follow up post-webinar with the hosts.

Click 'access recording' below to watch any of our webinars. 

Title Host Date Link
Heading towards System Leadership Gareth Alcott 4 October 2018 Access recording
Promoting Schools through Social Media Chris Woolf 29 November 2018 Access recording
Mental Health Issues in Schools Andy Hodgkinson 13 December 2018 Access recording
Self-Improving School Leadership Prue Barnes-Kemp 31 January 2019 Access recording
Working beyond the School Gates Alun Ebenezer 7 March 2019 Access recording
Maintaining Momentum Karen Edwards 25 April 2019 Access recording
Why Music Matters Michaela Khatib 13 May 2019 Access recording
Inclusion above all else John White 6 June 2019 Access recording
The Effective Senior Leadership Team Paul Gray 27 June 2019 Access recording
Title Host Date Link
High-Performance Learning Professor Deborah Eyre 14 September 2017 Access recording
Creativity in Primary Education Paul Jackson 28 September 2017 Access recording
Professional Development David Weston 12 October 2017 Access recording
Maintaining Great Discipline in Tough Schools George McMillan 19 October 2017 Access recording
Giving Young People a Headstart - Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools Andy Hodgkinson 30 November 2017 Access recording
Outstanding Practice Malcolm Drakes 14 December 2017 Access recording
The Arts in an All-Through School Michaela Khatib 25 January 2018 Access recording
Challenges for a new MAT CEO Tim Coulson 1 February 2018 Access recording
Aspects of Great Leadership Paul Gray 22 February 2018 Access recording
Getting the Best GCSE Grades in English Tom Walker 1 March 2018 Access recording
High Standards in Everything Alun Ebenezer 15 March 2018 Access recording
Focus on the Classroom Funmi Alder 19 April 2018 Access recording
Inner City Teaching Prue Barnes-Kemp 24 May 2018 Access recording
Maintaining Great Practice Karen Edwards 28 June 2018 Access recording