How to support children and young people during lockdown - Lee Prichard and Viv Trask-Hall podcast

Podcast summary

This episode focuses on How to support children and young people during the lockdown and features an interview with Lee Prichard, Head of UK Regional Development, and Viv Trask-Hall, Head of Innovation in Education and Principal Trainer.

Lee and Viv both work for one of our partner organisations, Thrive, which provides a programme of support rooted in neuroscience, attachment theory, and child development, to support children become more emotionally resilient. 

Leading through change

Insights from educational leaders

Following on from the success of the 'Leading during Lockdown' podcast series (available below), we are delighted to launch our "Leading through Change" podcast series. 

These podcasts will be recorded throughout the Autumn 2020 term and are available to anyone interested in hearing from educational leaders and advisors on running a school through these turbulent times of change. 

Hosted by the affable Andy Hodgkinson,  Lead Facilitator and Education Consultant with Best Practice Network, each 20-30 min podcast will provide useful insights, advice and practical tips for schools and nurseries to consider and implement.

Click here to listen to any of our podcasts. 

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