Early Years Experiences - EYITT case study - Rosie Goodrich

Early Years Experiences - EYITT case study - Rosie Goodrich

My name is Rosie Goodrich, I work in South Essex with children aged from 6 weeks to 4 years and children aged up to 8 during the holidays.

I have been at Oak House Montessori Nursery for 4 years, beginning as a volunteer and working my way up through different roles. I am now a pre-school room leader, mainly working with children aged 3 to 4 years but also with younger children throughout the day. I have also spent time in other nurseries and in a local school’s Reception and Key Stage 1 classes.

As an early years practitioner I feel that it is important that I continually develop my practice so the children receive the best quality of care and education, preparing them for their further education and future. In 2012 I completed my Early Childhood Studies degree (studying part-time) and I have now taken the next step and am working towards Early Years Teacher Status. In December 2014 I started the three month Assessment Only Route and am thoroughly enjoying it. 

Through compiling my evidence for the Teachers’ Standards (Early Years) I have become much more confident about my practice and my ability to lead and support other colleagues. I have had to reflect constantly on what I am doing with the children, how to improve my teaching and how to ensure they are learning in the best way possible.

The fees for the Assessment Only Route with Best Practice Network/Anglia Ruskin University are £1950 which my setting is paying for. As it is an Assessment Only Route, there is no training to attend but I am receiving very good support about how to put my evidence together. An assessor will mark my assignments and observe me working with the children at the end of the three months to ensure that this is a rigorous assessment, in the same way that it is for people on the training routes. 

My managers are supportive and understanding of the requirements of the EYITT programme and are allowing me extra time for collecting together my evidence. They believe that by completing this programme it will not only develop my practice but also have a positive impact on the quality of care and education for the children who currently attend and for the children who may attend in the future.