Nurturing Careers: The Impact of Career Pathways in Early Years Settings on Staff Retention and Well-being
  May 15 2024
We delve into the benefits of creating a career pathway and how it can significantly enhance staff retention and well-being.
What are the benefits of the ECF programme?
  August 09 2023
This article will delve into just a few of the key benefits of the Early Career Framework programme and how the skills gained can open doors for future growth and success for Early Career Teachers.
Our ECF Dashboard explained
  May 05 2022
We take a deep dive into our School Dashboard and demonstrate how to utilise this powerful tool to get the most out of the ECF programme.
Why the ECF really matters
  July 29 2021
The Early Career Framework (ECF) is set to have a huge impact on the professional development culture of schools, providing new teachers in the first stages of their career with a two-year structured professional development programme supported by a mentor.
BPN to develop and deliver a new generation of NPQs
  March 31 2021
Award-winning education training organisation Best Practice Network (BPN) is to design and deliver a new generation of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for teachers and school leaders.
Some early career TLC
  October 10 2019
Drawing on research findings can help schools to nurture and support teachers who are in the early stages of their careers. Roger Purdy explains his school’s approach.