Training: All within grasp
  March 19 2021
Understanding how physical development links to children's readiness for school is a priority for trainees on the EYITT programme. Sian Marsh describes how one trainee is using the Movement Environment Rating Scale to support colleagues to develop children's fine and gross motor skills.
Best Practice Network launches early years apprenticeship
  February 09 2021
Award-winning training provider Best Practice Network (BPN) has launched a new apprenticeship programme for early years staff.
What we've learned from the Covid comeback
  October 23 2020
Sian Marsh of Best Practice Network talks to Sandra Matthews of Acorns Playgroup in Harrogate about six things her setting has learned since the beginning of this autumn term – and highlights the joy of being back together again as part of an early years community.
Time to innovate as children return
  July 24 2020
The latest Government guidance for children returning to nursery and pre-school contains reassuring steps in the right direction and provides scope to think about new ways to operate, says Sian Marsh of Best Practice Network and Gill Mason of Kids Planet Day Nurseries.
Best practice: Where progress begins
  May 01 2020
Find out how practitioners who have undertaken the Early Years Initial Teacher Training programme have the skills and knowledge to maximise all children's progress in language and communication.
A cultural revolution
  January 09 2020
A focus on the unique child is key to understanding how cultural capital relates to best practice. Here Sian Marsh of Best Practice Network highlights the approach of Kids Planet Day Nurseries.
Building communication and language with EAL children
  March 04 2019
Shabnum Bi at Anglesey Playgroup wrote to us about her setting’s practice in communication and language to support children that mainly have English as an Additional Language (EAL).
Leading best practice as an early years teacher
  March 04 2019
Maureen Lee discusses how early years teacher status can equip early childhood professionals to make a substantial, positive difference to their settings and children's lives.
Early Years teacher case study - Will Purcell
  January 14 2019
I would like to use my new knowledge to give the children in my care the most exciting and engaging learning experiences, says Will Purcell
Give and take: early years provision and the community
  January 08 2019
Helping children and their families become more involved in their local communities can enrich lives and learning, says Maureen Lee, an early years adviser to Best Practice Network