Best Practice Network Clinches Apprenticeship Award for the Second Consecutive Year

Best Practice Network Clinches Apprenticeship Award for the Second Consecutive Year

Best Practice Network,  is celebrating a momentous victory for the second consecutive year, securing the prestigious Education and Childcare Apprenticeship Provider of the Year award at the AAC Awards 2024. 

This remarkable achievement not only cements Best Practice Network's reputation for excellence but also its commitment to delivering top-tier apprenticeships to schools and Early Years settings. The recognition speaks volumes about the organisation's credibility and dedication to shaping the future of education in England.


picture of the AAC Awards Gala

The AAC Awards are held annually in Birmingham hosted by FE Week, Aelp and in association with City and Guilds. They celebrate apprenticeship providers over a wide range of industries including champion apprentice and employer of the year. The awards recognise not only achievement but also credibility and trust within the sector. Best Practice Network's consecutive wins demonstrate the trust placed in the organisation by educators, learners, and the wider community. This credibility positions Best Practice Network as the first choice for schools and Early Years settings seeking exceptional apprenticeship programmes.


"I am amazingly proud of everyone at Best Practice Network who has worked so hard to make it possible for us to win this award for the second year in a row. From the Apprenticeships Tutors and Managers, Client Support, Quality and Compliance and Marketing, we succeed together. "

Tracy Clement, Apprenticeships Director

Best Practice Network's success isn't just about winning awards; it's about using that success to drive positive change in education. The development of the new apprenticeships, including the Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship, reflects the organisation's deep industry knowledge and commitment to shaping programmes that make a meaningful impact in schools. Best Practice Network were the first in England to launch a successful initial cohort of primary apprentice teachers in September 2023. In September 2024 they will see the additional routes of primary SEND and a range of secondary subjects commencing.

Best Practice Network aim to revolutionise teacher apprenticeships with the introduction of the ground breaking Teacher Directory. This will be a game changer in connecting aspiring teachers with schools eager to welcome apprentices.

"I was incredibly proud to pick up the award last night on behalf of the whole team at BPN. Apprenticeships are complicated and have their challenges, but we have amazing teams working together across the business to deliver massive growth in numbers whilst maintaining the highest quality. This award is great recognition for all that hard work."

Simon Little, Managing Director


Best Practice Network understands the challenges faced by both aspiring teachers and schools seeking qualified apprentices. With this in mind, the Teacher Directory has been created to streamline the process, making it more efficient and effective for both parties involved.

The introduction of the Teacher Directory signifies a shift in how apprenticeship placements are approached. Best Practice Network is not just providing apprenticeships; it is creating an ecosystem where aspiring teachers and schools can connect seamlessly, fostering collaboration and success.


Best Practice Network's latest triumph at the AAC Awards is not just a celebration of past achievements but a launchpad for future innovations in education and childcare. The company's suite of apprenticeships embody the organisation's dedication to shaping the future of teaching and learning. As schools and Early Years settings seek transformative educational experiences, Best Practice Network stands as the premier choice, offering expertise-driven apprenticeships that pave the way for success.

Best Practice Network Team at the Awards


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