Sam Strickland's Leadership Odyssey: Transforming Schools with Strategic Vision

Sam Strickland's Leadership Odyssey: Transforming Schools with Strategic Vision

During each cycle of the National Professional Qualification (NPQ) programmes, participants attend an Expert Talk. These sessions contribute valuable insights to the "learn that" and "learn how-to" statements that are part of each programme. 

The Expert Talk for Cycle 1 was hosted by Sam Strickland, a leading voice in the current conversation in education. Renowned as the organiser of ResearchED Northampton and author of Education Exposed, Education Exposed 2, The Behaviour Manual and They Don’t Behave for Me. As Principal of a large all-through school, he has helped to guide its GCSE results from the bottom 20% nationally to the top 20% and A Level outcomes to the top 5% nationally.  Additionally, he has had educational resources and research published, he regularly delivers courses and keynotes nationally and he has served as a lead facilitator for a variety of NPQs.

Key Highlights from the talk 

  • A cyclical approach to the school year, as highlighted by Strickland, emphasises giving one's best at strategic points, ensuring sustained effort without running on empty.

  • A fundamental cultural shift under Strickland's leadership is the move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Encouraging a culture that embraces learning with statements like "I don't know how to do this yet" has become integral to fostering continuous improvement.

  • Innovative tools like IRIS Connect, a video coaching system, showcase Strickland's commitment to collaborative learning. This approach not only enhances teaching practices but also fosters a culture of shared improvement among staff.

  • Strickland's strategic planning, addressing urgent issues and restructuring the behaviour system, has been pivotal in achieving positive changes. Despite financial challenges, the shift to a knowledge-rich curriculum underlines his dedication to providing students with a substantive education.

  • In the context of great school leadership, Strickland underscores the significance of NPQs. These qualifications play a crucial role in developing leadership skills and preparing educators for the unique challenges of school management, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Strickland's leadership style, empowering staff and fostering a growth mindset, has contributed to the sustained success of the school. The discussion on succession planning highlights the importance of nurturing future leaders within the school community.


Sam Strickland's leadership journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of effective school leadership. His strategic vision, cultural shifts and emphasis on continuous improvement, coupled with the importance of National Professional Qualifications, offer valuable insights for educators.

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