What are the benefits of the ECF programme?

What are the benefits of the ECF programme?

Entering the classroom after Initial Teacher Training (ITT) can be both exciting and daunting. The Early Career Framework (ECF) has been created to set teachers on the path to success and ease the transition into their teaching careers.

This article will delve into just a few of the key benefits of the ECF programme and how the skills gained can open doors for future growth and success.

Enhanced professional development 

The foundations of the ECF programme lie in supplying high-quality professional development for every Early Career Teacher (ECT). ECTs will embark on a continuous journey of growth, gaining valuable insights into modern teaching methods, evidence-based practices, and innovative pedagogical techniques.

Fully Funded by the DfE, the 2-year ECF programme has been designed to support early teacher development in 5 core areas:

  • Behaviour management
  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Professional behaviours

It has been tailored specifically to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a highly effective educator and set you up for a long and successful career in teaching.

Network with ECTs across the country 

Part of the Early Career Framework programme involves face-to face events and training. Being able to engage with a network of ECTs across the country serves as a way to share experiences, ideas and best practices. It also connects educators from a range of backgrounds and teaching contexts, allowing participants to gain fresh perspectives to further enrich and develop their teaching practices.

"I found it really useful to attend the module workshop sessions as it was insightful to know other ECT's experiences and how they deal with particular situations, such as behaviour, to make sure students are getting the best quality of teaching."
ECF participant 

Dedicated mentorship, guidance and support

Each ECT is assigned a mentor upon starting the programme whom they will meet with on a weekly basis. The mentor will be an experienced educator and is there to offer personalised guidance and support throughout the programme.

Mentors serve as a beacon of knowledge for their ECTs, helping them to navigate the challenges of the classroom and give them the best start to their early teaching careers. 

It is important that the mentor provides a safe space to allow ECTs to seek advice, express concerns and receive constructive feedback which will promote self-confidence and growth.

Career advancement opportunities

The ECF programme focuses on laying a solid foundation for your teaching career. Once you have these skills, you can progress to take on leadership, mentorship, or specialised teaching positions.

Best Practice Network is one of the few training providers that offers the full ‘CPD golden thread’. This means that on completion of the Early Career Framework programme, there are several pathways available to further develop and solidify your teaching knowledge and guide you all the way to leadership positions within your school.

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